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About Us

Playboss Music Studio in Modesto, California has nearly 2 decades of Recording Experience. Since the beginning, Our Studio Engineer has  been working hard to get the Perfect Sound. Through Trial and Error, Upgrading and Eliminated equipment, Our Engineer at Playboss Music Studio finally got the Superior Sound that they've been looking for.  Our Recording Studio Accommodates our clients with a top of the line Analog/digital converter and State of the Art Microphones and Mic Pres, to give any project the perfect sound. With that said and the Unique way of mixing, We are positive that you will be satisfied with any project you bring forth, Our Professional recording studio Located in Modesto, Ca. is a comfortable space, with a variety of Musical instruments for any genre. Check out our Youtube Page!


We can help you with Distribution, Music Videos Production and Merchandise Production. Please email us for more info. 

Playboss Music Studio:

Protools 12

2 Sound Proof Booth

1 Drum Room with Gretsch Drum Set

16 Channel  Avid S3 Controller

Apollo Converters

Neumann u87 & TLM103 Mics

Manley Vox Box Mic Pre

Avalon VT-737sp Mic Pre

Universal Audio LA-610 Tube Preamp

YouTube Videos


IG: deepsoudstudios

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